The All Time Band Members

Ska-Funk-Rasta-Punk-Latino-Irish !!!

A new Radio comes around !!! Fresh, crazy and funny it does its debut on the AIR. In 1993 four young guys founded the band to fight against the boring daylife. From the beginning they used their own ideas to write the songs and started playing them in four different languages. Very soon after, they became "Horn-Sound" excited and went on playing Switzerland with a Sax and a Trumpet.

At the end of 1994, their soundresearches became honored and they landed up with the Song "James Bone" on the second "Swiss SKA-Sampler".

In 1995 they hit the swiss-road with about 25 gigs and recorded more songs in the studio. As a snake in the jungle, RadioActive's musicstyle slides through Ska, Funk and Rock and becomes one as SKUNK-ROCK. Speedy basslines, striking voices, smoothy horn-melodys and of cours the neverending love to the off-beat. That's what makes the magic of RadioActive !!!

The whole repertoire is written by RadioActive itself, except some great coverversions, like for example Disney's "Junglebook" song. All songs have their own character, which makes each Radio Active concert to an unforgettable show.

After plenty of concerts, hours and hours of exercise and tuff recording sessions, RadioActive comes out with their first album


After the CD-premier, Radio Active wont waste its time. They're taking the road again and skanking the swiss mountains. There are even some plans to check out the french SKA scene.

We'll keep you up to date........Bonne Route !!!!